Paper grades (paperilajit)

Magazine paper is paper used for magazines and advertising brochures. The main grades of magazine paper are wood-containing, light-weight coated paper (LWC) and supercalendered or calendered, but uncoated paper (SC). Archival paper means any grade of paper which retains printed text indefinitely without fading.

Special papers include papers processed as household and sanitary paper, wallpaper base paper, label paper, sack paper, wrapping paper, packaging paper, envelope paper, flexible packaging paper or industrial papers. Insulation paper, such as cable paper, is used to insulate electric cables.

Fine paper is paper made of pulp which generally contains no more than one tenth of mechanical pulp. Good-quality printing and writing papers and copier papers are examples of fine papers. HiFi paper is machine-calendered newsprint.

Hygiene papers are soft grades called tissues – such as toilet and kitchen paper and hand or facial towels – which have a good absorption ability, disintegrate rapidly in water and are recyclable as biomass.

Lightweight printing paper is used in telephone directories and printed matter transported by air mail, for example. Offset paper is paper meant for offset printing. Printing paper is any grade of paper used for printing. Sack paper is uncalendered kraft paper. Art paper is wood-free printing paper used for four-colour printing.

Wood-free pulp or paper is a product whose raw material does not include mechanical pulp.