Forest certification (metsäsertifiointi)

Forest certification is a procedure for proving to the buyer of wood products that the raw material used for the product comes from a forest which is managed in a certain manner. The forest certification standard is a public directive on the management of certified forests. Whether the management complies with the directive is determined by an auditing company, auditor, auditing specialist or auditing practitioner, which is independent of the wood product production chain and accredited by the body responsible for the certification. If forest management activity and the transport of the wood raw material from the forest to the manufacturing plant comply with the standard, the product or its packaging may be labelled as certified. 95 percent of Finland’s commercial forests are certified under the Programme for Endorsement of Certification Schemes (PEFC). The area of Finnish forests certified under the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) system is about 400,000 hectares. The aim of both systems is that forest management complies with sustainable development.