Non-leaking board package for foodstuffs transport

EcoFishBox. Photo: Stora Enso
EcoFishBox. Photo: Stora Enso
Metsäbiotalouden tulevaisuuskuvasto / Forest Bioeconomy Future Catalogue

Stora Enso Packaging has developed a non-leaking package made of corrugated board for instance for delivery of fish packed with ice. EcoFishBox is designed to replace EPS-boxes made from polystyrene.

Fish can be delivered in EcoFishBoxes directly to markets and restaurants. That it does not leak water is based on two things: the structure of its corners, which is developed by Stora Enso Packaging, and its polyethylene coating.

Corrugated board used in EcoFishBox is made from renewable wood fibre. The package can be safely recycled to energy. This amounts to savings in clients’ waste treatment, transport and recycling costs even up to 60 percent.

EcoFishBox is delivered to client as a flat corrugated board sheet, which takes up only one seventh of the space that EPS boxes require.

EcoFishBox was awarded at the Nordic Scanster packaging competition in 2016 in Copenhagen. The jury also complimented on the extraordinary appearance of the package, one of the reasons being that corrugated board has excellent printing characteristics.

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