Finnish company invented a forest fire extinguishing product

Metsäbiotalouden tulevaisuuskuvasto / Forest Bioeconomy Future Catalogue

Xpyro, a company specialized in fire extinguish products and systems has developed a liquid, which could be a global breakthrough in the prevention of forest fires. A fertilizer-based liquid is spread on the ground from a tank on a trailer, tanker or even from a rucksack sprayer. Ground doused with the the liquid will not catch fire.

The product is water soluble. When the ground is dry, the effect of the product lasts several weeks, says Kimmo Saari, Product Development Manager of Xpyro.

In rain, the pH-neutral liquid works as a fertilizer. According to Xpyro, company’s fire extinguish products are ready to be used, poison free and environmentally friendly. They do not leave any harmful substances on the ground.

With the fire extinguish product it is possible to prevent fire spreading from shooting ranges, for example, by spraying it around the area. In forest fires, the liquid can be used to limit the fire area.

Finnish state-owned forest company Metsähallitus tested the product last year in connection with prescribed burning. Fire spread over a ten square meter test area, but the spread area did not burn. ”Vegetation only turned brown”, said Rauli Perkiö from Metsähallitus.

Xpyro has filed a patent application for the product last year. According to Saari, the manufacturing costs of the product are high for the time being, but the goal is that the product will be priced in the same range as liquid soap.

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