Fertilisers from by-products of the forest industry

The soil improvement material by Soilfood is very light and porous. Photo: Hannes Mäntyranta
Metsäbiotalouden tulevaisuuskuvasto / Forest Bioeconomy Future Catalogue

Soilfood, a Finnish company produces fertilisers from the by-products of bio- and circular economy industries. Suitable raw materials can be sourced from agricultural residues, community wastes as well as industries, which traditionally have been used in energy production or disposed in landfills.

The main problem with modern fertilisers is that most of them are based on non-renewable materials, they require large quantities of fossil fuels during production and are taxing for the soil.

The soil improving fibre that the company produces is made of waste silt of pulp mills. The fibre adds slowly degradable, organic materials into the soil. The fibre increases the water holding capacity of the soil, as well as water penetration of clay heavy soil.

It also increases micro-organism activity, decreases erosion, suspends nutrients, decreases the cloudiness of runoff water as well as nitrates in the wash.

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