Cosmetics packages made of wood composite

Cosmetics package of Sulapac. Photo: Sulapac
Metsäbiotalouden tulevaisuuskuvasto / Forest Bioeconomy Future Catalogue

The roots of Sulapac company are in the very same technology as they are with the Onbone company and its wood-based splinting products: composite made of wood and nature-based adhesives.

The bisnes idea of Sulapac was born, when Suvi Haimi and Laura Kyllönen, both biochemists, pondered, why the 30 or so different hair or skin maintenance products or other cosmetics in their bathrooms are not packed in ecological bottles and cans. The solution was the composite of fully biodegradable adhesives and wood chips developed by Sulapac, as well as in the fully biodegradable, water and oil resistant coatings of Sulapac.

Sulapac material resembles plastic and its characteristics are at least as good as those of plastic. It feels luxurious, as it should be with cosmetics packages, but it competes with plastics also when it comes to expenses, if it is produced in sufficiently large amounts.

The material can be designed in boundless forms. It is suitable for injection and blow moulding. The packages can be manufactured in any colour with a surface either smooth, coarse, gleaming or matt.

The company Sulapac was established in 2016. In April, 2017 it announced to have gathered finances of EUR one million from the investors. In addition, also the Finnish Funding Agency Tekes has financed the project.

The finances make it possible to finalise the concept of cosmetics packages, and to reach strong growth and internationalisation of the business. The aim is to make Sulapac the globally leading producer of ecological cosmetics packaging materials.

Woodcast in the Forest bioeconomy future catalougue


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