Area and share of strictly protected forests in Europe

11.6.2019 / Graph
  • By definition, forest means land spanning more than 0.5 hectares with trees higher than 5 meters and canopy cover of more than 10%. It corresponds to the area of productive and half of the area of low-productive forest in Finnish definition.
  • Strict protection means that the target of protection is safeguarding biodiversity and no active intervention is allowed as defined for the class 1.1 in MCPFE report.
  • The Russian Federation is not listed here because no information is provided concerning the European parts of her forests.
  • The figures depict the situation in year 2015, except those for Bulgaria (2010), France (2010), UK (2010), Romania (2005) and Albania (2005).
  • Source: State of Europe’s Forests 2015. Updated 11.6.2019.

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