Hand basins made of wood

A Woodio hand basin made of wood composite. Photo: Woodio
Metsäbiotalouden tulevaisuuskuvasto / Forest Bioeconomy Future Catalogue

The Finnish company Woodio has developed a new composite material which consists of wood and natural binding agents and is water-repellent. The company uses this material to manufacture wood-based hand basins, among other things.

The material contains chipped aspen and binding agents developed by the company. It is dirt-repellent and can ultimately be recycled for energy.
The material is lightweight, maintenance-free and durable. It meets the EU standards for wash basins. All Woodio products are manufactured in Finland.

The Woodio hand basins are equally suitable for homes and public facilities. The material is versatile and can be shaped and coloured as desired. The finish can be either matte or glossy.

‘We’re only taking the first steps in exploring this material we’ve developed, to determine its current and future properties,’ the company says. ‘Our goal is to make something new and impressive out of wood, while also demonstrating the material’s true potential.’

The Arctic TreeHouse Hotel in SantaPark Arctic World in Rovaniemi, Finnish Lapland, chose Woodio hand basins for its bathrooms. CEO Ilkka Länkinen says they are a good match with the original and natural materials used elsewhere in the hotel.

The soft colour of the basins was interesting in itself, but the basins were also selected for being ecological and made in Finland. Wood was favoured in constructing the hotel, so the Woodio basins are a fitting choice.

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