Egg package made of grass

GreeNest - innovative egg packaging made with grass fibers. Photo: Munax Oy
GreeNest on ruohokuitupohjainen pakkaus kananmunille. Kuva: Munax Oy
Metsäbiotalouden tulevaisuuskuvasto / Forest Bioeconomy Future Catalogue

GreenNest package manufactured by the Huhtamäki company is the first industrially manufactured grass-based package in the world. Half of the raw material of the package, manufactured by a patented method, is grass and half is recycled paper.

The grass used in package is obtained from a nature conservation area, which is managed according to a plan. The grass would be cut in any case, but if not used, it would be left in the area.

Since the grass includes water, it decreases the need for water in the manufacturing process by 50 percent. Because it grows on a nature conservation area, there are no residues of fertilizers in the product, for example.

Previously GreenNest packages have been in use only retail shops in the Netherlands and Germany. Laitilan Kanatarha (Laitila Henhouse) was the first to bring them to retail shops in Finland.

GreeNest is FSC-certified. It is compostable and it can be disposed as energy waste, too.

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