UPM developed fire-resistant plywood

Metsäbiotalouden tulevaisuuskuvasto / Forest Bioeconomy Future Catalogue

The WISA-SpruceFR plywood by UPM Plywood has been awarded the highest fire resistance classification. This construction-grade plywood combines the best quality and strength properties with the best fire resistance properties ever achieved by any wood product.

Developed in Finland, the plywood is produced at the Pellos mill in southern Finland, from wood mainly sourced within a 130-kilometre radius from the mill.
Unlike many other fire-resistant wood products, the fire resistance treatment of the WISA-SpruceFR does not affect the technical properties of the plywood.

Therefore it meets the same requirements as other, untreated WISA-Spruce plywood grades. Nor are any special structures rewired to ensure fire resistance. It can be used as any ordinary grade of plywood.

In contrast to other plywood grades, when using the WISA-SpruceFR in building construction it is possible to leave a ventilation gap behind the plywood without impairing the fire resistance properties of the structure. Because the fire resistance treatment is carried out at the mill, design and construction are easier, and time, materials and expenses can be saved at several project phases.

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