Talking wooden upholsteries

Haptic decoration solution: Talking wooden upholsteries. Photo: Karell Design
Metsäbiotalouden tulevaisuuskuvasto / Forest Bioeconomy Future Catalogue

Taito United together with Karell Design have developed the Haptic decoration solution, where the surface material is combined with touching technology. Haptic combines Finnish know-how and high-quality wood material. Because of the touching technology Haptic surfaces can play sounds or music, adjust lighting, send messages and control internet services with a touch.

Finnish wood, such as birch and pine, are used in manufacturing of the Karell Design collection products. 12 tree species were used in the first innovation called Puulajit puhuvat [Tree species are talking].

Haptic products are  always tailor-made and are only  produced after order. Puulajit puhuvat was manufactured for Puuninfo.

Puulajit puhuvat was manufactured from Pop-panels. They are three dimensional and smooth, and they can be joined freely. It is possible to manufacture them with almost all veneers and laminates. The surface is very durable and easily cleaned because of amelamine film finish.

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