Progres could be a replacement for antibiotics

Metsäbiotalouden tulevaisuuskuvasto / Forest Bioeconomy Future Catalogue

Progres is a product made of pine oil resin, advancing animal wellbeing, health and productivity. The effect of Progres is based on the resin’s acid, the natural ability of pine trees to create protection against bacteria.

Company Suomen Rehu has managed to process the resin’s ingredients to suit animal feeding. The product is refined from Finnish pine oil, and its use in animal feeding is patented.

Progres may replace use of antibiotics in the prevention of bacteria infections. This would be significant, as this could be one way to decrease the use of antibiotics.

Bacteria infections cause losses up to 15 percent in animal production. Problems transpire as weaker growth and as lower use of fodder.

Losses are a result of food’s lower absorption in animals’ metabolics, which results in larger need of fodder.

Benefits of Progres in poultry forage have been verified with scientific tests. The next phase in product development is to make it suitable for piglets, calves and other ruminants.

The product is officially registered and it has been proved safe for animals, humans and the environment.

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