Plastic-free eco-barrier paperboard can be recycled with paperboard

Plastic-free eco-barrier paperboard can be recycled with paperboard. Photo: Metsä Group
Metsäbiotalouden tulevaisuuskuvasto / Forest Bioeconomy Future Catalogue

Forest industry company Metsä Board has launched an advanced version of its recyclable eco-barrier paperboard which includes a grease and moisture barrier. Originally launched last year, the plastic-free MetsäBoard Prime FBB EB paperboard can be recycled directly with paperboard packages. The new version is the result of development to improve the barrier properties.

‘The product is designed for takeaway and fast food solutions. Many fast foods typically require a medium grease and moisture barrier,’ says Hélène Lehtinen, Customer Projects Director at Metsä Board R&D.

‘Demand for easily recyclable products like this is growing. Being plastic-free, paperboard is compatible with existing paper and paperboard recycling systems. Over 80 percent of all paper and paperboard used in Europe is currently recycled,’ Lehtinen continues.

The folding boxboard manufactured at Metsä Board’s Kyro mill in Kyröskoski, near Tampere in southern Finland, is particularly well suited for food and food service use. It cannot be used for paper cups, however, not being heat sealable.

In addition to its plastic-free finishing, the product is lightweight and stiff, as are the other folding boxboards by Metsä Board. ‘This paperboard saves material and is also a safe, fully recyclable option,’ says Lehtinen.

Thanks to its lightness, the paperboard helps reduce the carbon footprint across the entire manufacturing and transport chain.

Manufactured of fresh fibre, the paperboard can be safely used in direct contact with food. It is also free of optical brighteners (OBA free) and fluorochemicals.

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