Recycled fibre paper (uusiopaperi)

Recycled fibre paper is manufactured of recycled fibre. Recycled fibre is derived from recycled paper, while primary fibre is derived from the forest, for example. Primary fibre is also called virgin fibre. The manufacturing of recycled fibre paper mostly begins with pulping, which creates recycled pulp. After this comes de-inking, during which printing ink and impurities are removed from the recycled pulp formed by the recycled fibres. De-inking causes a de-inking loss of 10 to 40 percent of the recycled pulp, which is due to the fibres being damaged and broken, for example; the rejected portion is burned to produce energy. It is estimated that an individual tree fibre can withstand 3 to 7 recycling cycles at a maximum, after which it is lost. Thus, de-inking produces de-inked pulp used in paper manufacturing, energy and de-inking waste, which is stored in a landfill.