Kareline natural fibre composite

Kupilka classic drinking vessel. Photo: Kupilka
Kupilka classic drinking vessel. Photo: Kupilka
Metsäbiotalouden tulevaisuuskuvasto / Forest Bioeconomy Future Catalogue

The Kareline natural fibre composite is produced at the factory of Plasthill in Kontiolahti, northern Finland. It has been in production since 1996.

Kareline is produced from coniferous pulp and plastics suitable for foodstuffs, both with share of 50 percent. The material can be formed freely using a so called injection molding technique.

The products resemble wood closely. It can be dyed to almost any color. The material can also be welded. There is no need to use glue in the production. After use the product can be safely disposed by, for example, burning.

The use of wood fibre decreases material’s environmental load. Material is used to make grips for handguns, musical instruments and foodstuffs dishes. A Finnish Uitto Boards company also manufactures skateboards from Kareline.

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I bought a plate at the Artijun in Rovanimie


I am interested to know what kind of plastic ( that you write in your website)you use to make the kareline product?!

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