Fully renewable carton package

Fully-renewable milk carton. Photo: Tetra Pak
Fully-renewable milk carton. Photo: Tetra Pak
Metsäbiotalouden tulevaisuuskuvasto / Forest Bioeconomy Future Catalogue

Tetra Pak has lanched the world`s first fully renewable carton package in 2015. The package, Tetra Rex Bio-based is manufactured from plant-based plastics, which are made from polymers derived from sugarcane ethanol and certified paperboard, the raw-material of which is wood fibre. Sugarcane ethanol is produced by a brazilian chemical industry company.

The package is recycled as its predecessors: it has to be rinsed, dried, squashed and brought to a carton recycling container. The cap of the package can be left in place or removed and recycled as energy waste.

In the fully renewable carton package the carton bank, plastic coating in the inner and outer surfaces of carton bank, the twistcap and neck part of cap are made from renewable materials.

Currently renewable carton packages are used in Valio Luomu milk and sour milk packages in Finland.

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