Paperboard grades (kartonki- ja pahvilajit)

Paperboard, also called board or cardboard, is a fairly thick and rough, often multi-layered paper, which is used in packaging, for example.

Corrugated board is used in packaging and is made to withstand outdoor conditions. It is used, among others, in ordinary transport boxes. Corrugated board generally consists of two smooth layers or liners, or of stronger kraftliner, and a corrugated layer between them, but a double corrugated board contains two corrugated layers between three liners. The intermediate layer of corrugated board is made of fluting.

Kraft fluting is a strong, corrugated paper made of kraft pulp. Insulation board is a porous and flexible paper used in construction and usually made of coated kraft paper.
Painting board is board or paper with two layers with a different pulp composition or fillers or both. Packaging board is of two kinds: consumer packaging board, such as the boxboard used in cereal boxes, and transport packaging board, such as fluting and liner.

Folding boxboard is a type of consumer packaging board used in boxes and consisting of several layers. Wallpaper is a two-layered board used when papering walls. Container board is a heavy packaging paper, the outer layer of which is often made of kraftliner. Kraft paper is strong paper made of pulp that is almost completely unbleached.